• Cimarrone Golf Club (map)
  • 2800 Cimarrone Boulevard
  • Saint Johns, FL, 32259
  • United States

Mark your calendars for the golf cart maintenance day on June 23rd. Hosted in the Cimarrone Golf Club parking lot.

Free Service Includes: 

  • HYDRATE BATTERIES: Battery maintenance is required to keep your batteries healthy. We use “distilled water” to hydrate batteries. 
  • BATTERY TERMINALS: Lockdown each battery terminal (with a 9/16th wrench).
  • BATTERY CABLES: Keep battery cables corrosion free. We will remove built-up of corrosion that could potentially eat your battery cables.
  • TIRE PRESSURE: Monitor tire pressure & regulate (between 22-25 psi)
  • BUSHINGS: We will use WD40 to spray all bushings.

"Exclusive for CIMARRONE residents". ALL golf carts regardless of where they were purchased are welcome. 

Please sign up for your service check (appointment) at the pro shop or call 904-287-2000 Ext. 3. The 24 spots will go quickly...